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Off Grid PCU with MPPT Charger – SOLAR PCU :

The functioning is quite similar to the PCU with PWM charger. The main difference is in the efficiency because of the true MPPT design with a cutting edge DSP based design. The Vmpp ranges of 14-40V in 12V models and 28-60V in 24V models are the widest available in the market. The Open Circuit Voltage is a whopping ‘5 times the DCV’ for 12V models and ‘3 times the DCV’ for 24V models. This also has an LC Display to show the MPPT On/Off, MPPT o/p voltage and current and all the trip messages. Automatic mains Disconnect-Reconnect function enables maximum usage of solar power. Like in all our other models, even this PCU boasts of a perfect current sharing of Solar with Mains for the best functioning of the intended usage. This feature ensures preference for solar power, proper charging of batteries by efficiently harnessing both soalr and mains power and also that battery is never over charged by both sources loading each other.

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